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[also posted in Shiny Google Group]

I am encountering some (I believe) unexpected behavior when I attempt to display a dataTable. When I display the table, my goal is to remove the majority of the sort/pagination/filter/processing options. So far setting bSort=0, bProcessing=0, bPaginate=0, bInfo=0 appears to produce desired results. However when I set bFilter=0, only the "global" filter box in the upper right had corner is removed; the within-column filter boxes remain (I expected bFilter=0 to remove all filter boxes).

Can anyone help with code to remove the within-column filter boxes (please and thank-you). [Also, I am aware of the column-specific format options, but have so-far been unable to implement them successfully to eliminate the within-column formats]. I have included minimal code below to reproduce the problem:


  #my code has a header panel;
  headerPanel("Table Example"),

  #my code has a sidebar panel;
  sidebarPanel(helpText("Stuff Here")),

  #table is displayed in the main panel;

shinyServer(function(input, output) {

  #example dataTable that produces undesired result;
  output$myTable <- renderDataTable({,100,replace=TRUE),nrow=20,ncol=10))
  }, options = list(bFilter=0, bSort=0, bProcessing=0, bPaginate=0, bInfo=0))


[Behavior appears both running from server and locally. Shiny Using Google Chrome]


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The solution was to simply edit the css associated with the myTable output object:

I.e. change:



  tags$style(type="text/css", '#myTable tfoot {display:none;}')
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