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I'm struggeling to find a way of deleting VirtualMachine by using vSphere SDK JAVA API, but seems like nothing works. As far as i know, i need to get an instance of VirtualMachine ManagedObject and call Destroy_Task() , but until now I'm only able to get ManagedObjectReference of virtual machine by using PropertyCollector which is not helpful for this specific task.

I cannot find any example on the internet that would show how to do it, hope someone here can help me.

THanks in advance

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OK I manage to solve it..SO ManagedObject is a server side object, on the client side we can only get access to a ManageObjectReference,

To execute methods of ManagedObject we need to call them trough VimPortType vimPort. SO steps for deleting Virtual Machine trough API are

  1. We get ManagedObjectReference of particular Virtual Machine
  2. Call vimPort(mor) where mor in ManagedObjectReference from step 1.

Thats all.

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