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So I am writing the columns of an array to a file and the file is to be used by a program that is space sensitive, so it has to be exactly the right way like this:

$     TCID    TCTYPE      TFLG      TDIR     TCTOL  TOLN/IGB     NSEED 
      1111         1        -1         0     0.001
 7.50000E01 , 0.00000E00
 7.49906E01 , 1.18995E00
 7.49622E01 , 2.37960E00

I am working with some floats with alot of decimals, so I am rounding them to have the same number of decimals, but python notation is E+01 and it has to be E01

udskrift = open('DEFINE_CURVE_TRIM_FULL','w')
udskrift.write('*DEFINE_CURVE_TRIM\n$     TCID    TCTYPE      TFLG      TDIR     TCTOL  TOLN/IGB     NSEED\n      1111         1        -1         0     0.001\n')
for entry in polar_koordinator:
    udskrift.write(" %.5E , %.5E\n" % (entry[2], entry[3]))

output is

$     TCID    TCTYPE      TFLG      TDIR     TCTOL  TOLN/IGB     NSEED
      1111         1        -1         0     0.001
 8.00976E+01 , 0.00000E+00
 8.01050E+01 , 1.25839E+00

So any pointers on how to remove the '+' so it becomes E01? I would hate to have to reopen the file and remove them

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Would you still expect the minus sign for negative powers of ten? e.g. 1.23456E-13? –  Nathan L Nov 13 '13 at 14:49
Yes I actually haven't given it much thought, but when looking at the original I can find 2 examples of E-01 so guess LS-dyna can accept that –  Thomas Pank Nov 14 '13 at 7:24

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One easy way out is to write

udskrift.write((" %.5E , %.5E\n" % (entry[2], entry[3])).replace('E+', 'E'))

but that does not seem pythonic.

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This would have been my recommendation if the answer to my question above came back a yes. –  Nathan L Nov 13 '13 at 14:51
Works great! thank you, and keeps the E-01 so that is great –  Thomas Pank Nov 14 '13 at 7:30

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