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I'm moving my site from Django 1.5.x to Django 1.6.0, and I noted this in the release notes:

[..] The admin is now enabled by default in new projects; the sites framework no longer is. [..]

How to set the default domain (instead of www.example.com) without the Django sites framework?

Are any sites related settings now made redundant redundant by this change?

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Two options:

  • Define the domain name as a constant in your settings and use it where needed in your code. If you have only one site this is a reasonable decision as you no longer need the whole sites framework.
  • Enable the sites framework again and define one Site object with www.example.com as domain. You'll also need to specify the site's id as SITE_ID in your Django settings.
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Nice answer.. I would go with option 2, as Sites could be handy in multiple ways. –  karthikr Nov 13 '13 at 14:59
Oh ok, I assumed that Django would provide some setting itself... but doesn't make much difference to define it myself in the settings. @karthikr I will go for option 2 since it's an already running website with the sites framework in place. –  Joseph Victor Zammit Nov 13 '13 at 15:03

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