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All port operations in Rebol 3 are asynchronous. The only way I can find to do synchronous communication is calling wait.

But the problem with calling wait in this case is that it will check events for all open ports (even if they are not in the port block passed to wait). Then they call their responding event handlers, but a read/write could be done in one of those event handlers. That could result in recursive calls to "wait".

How do I get around this?

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Noticed you haven't gotten an answer to this... have you made any progress on it? We could try and escalate the question. –  HostileFork Feb 16 at 8:15
Actually, I don't think there is a solution to this in current R3 implementation, so I went ahead to add a "/only" refinement to "wait", with which, it will only wait on the ports provided to "wait", and thus avoid the recursive calls. See my pull request at: github.com/rebol/rebol/pull/177 –  Shixin Zeng Feb 16 at 16:51

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