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I need my script to be able to figure out, where the Fontmap.GS resides in a given GhostScript installation -- so that it can be modified.

I used to rely on the output of gs -h for this, but the format of that changed between versions -- and was clumsy to begin with.

I'm quite certain, gs can be asked to print it (to stdout) neatly, but I don't know PostScript, unfortunately. I tried:

FontResourceDir ==

which simply does not work: Error: /undefined in FontResourceDir. I'm sure, I'm very close to the solution -- please, help. Thank you.

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You can use ghostscript to find the location of its Resource files. Fontmap.GS appears to be in the /Init subdirectory of the Resources.

/Font /Category findresource
    / 128 string ResourceFileName =
  % ^ 
  % | n.b. this is SLASH followed by SPACE. 
  %   We're feeding an "empty" name to ResourceFileName

This prints (for me): /usr/share/ghostscript/9.06/Resource/Font/

So, this pipe command should do the trick (until it changes again!)

echo /Font /Category findresource begin / 128 string ResourceFileName = | \
gsnd -q - | \
sed 's/Font\/$/Init\/Fontmap.GS/'
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Thanks, this is usable. I'd still prefer some method of finding Fontmap.GS itself -- there may be hairier installations, I suppose, where the file is in a different location relative to the Font/ But this may be good enough. – Mikhail T. Nov 13 '13 at 18:48

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