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urI'm trying to write a if else statement (ultimately) in R, but only for variables that satisfy a certain criteria. I'm sure there is an easy way to do this - but can't seem to find anything specific when searching...

Below is an example of a while loop (not sure whether I can use this for this purpose):

while(gene[c(36)] >=30 & gene[c(37)] >=30 & gene[c(38)] >=30)
gene$Category <- ifelse((gene[c(49)] == './.' & gene[c(48)] == './.'), 'N/A',     ifelse(((gene[c(50)] == './.') & (gene[c(36)] >=30 & gene[c(37)] >=30)),'denovo deletion',''))

I technically want to run the if else statement on a variable(s) only if certain other conditions are met. Am I overly complicating this?

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Why use a while loop? When will this loop exit? – Jake Burkhead Nov 13 '13 at 17:52
Wasn't understanding the while statement correctly when trying to figure this out... but eventually did. – user2726449 Nov 13 '13 at 23:23
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Assuming that your ifelse construct is OK, you can "subset" the frame based on the condition that is now expressed in your while loop:

condition = (gene[36] >=30 & gene[37] >=30 & gene[38] >=30)
gene$Category[condition] <- ifelse((gene[49] == './.' & gene[48] == './.'), 'N/A', ifelse(((gene[50] == './.') & (gene[36] >=30 & gene[37] >=30)),'denovo deletion',''))
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