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I am trying to configure Asterisk for real time communication with a MySql database. After all the configurations, I am getting the following error when I run the command sip show peeers:

[Nov 11 01:52:58] WARNING[14698]: config.c:2289 find_engine: Realtime mapping for 'sippeers' found to engine 'mysql', but the engine is not available

I have also installed the add-ons but it is still not able to run : realtime mysql status, command. What am I doing wrong?

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1) Stop the current running asterisk instance. 2) Go the the asterisk install directory, do menuselect and enable the following addons: A) app_mysql B) cdr_mysql C) res_config_mysql 3) make 4) make install

Give correct credentials in res_config_mysql.conf for asterisk to connect to mysql. This is tested for asterisk 11.14.1

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You need check that you have in your libs directories.

Also you need check configuration /etc/asterisk/res_config.conf exists and valid.

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