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Growing a number using a sigmoid function, works well enough for an arbitrary growth time. What I would like to do is have it max out after x amount of time. Change growthRate below to arbitrarily change the time to completion.

var sigmoid;
var count = 0;
var current_amount = 0;
var target_amount = 10;
var growthRate = 10;

sigmoid = function(x, p) {
  return p / (1 + Math.exp(-x));

 current_amount = sigmoid(-6 + count / growthRate, target_amount)
}, 10)

The above works fine as I said, but the growth rate is arbitrary, I'm looking for a way to fix the growth rate to a real timeframe, ie: x seconds for the function to max out to its target value while still following the logistic growth curve during that time.

The setInterval here is just for illustration, I am using requestAnimationFrame in the real version, so I have a delta time available rather than a loop count. Any ideas would be great.

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