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I have applied the JQuery Tooltip to all my title elements of my site. The problem I am having is from a modal popup page the tool tip is rendered behind the modal dialog. I think I need to change the z-order of either the tooltips or the dialogs. But this surprises me since i'm using two features of JqueryUI together.

Here is all I am calling on document.ready()


and here is a screenshot to illustrate what is happening. enter image description here

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If I remember correctly, both create a new element inside the body tag. So this should be a simple z-index problem. Just find the classes (inspect elements, see what classes they have, find them... you know... usual stuff) and change z-index so the tooltip has a bigger one.

As an alternative, you could set z-index from script, when you are calling the tooltip (or the modal window, doesn't matter), but I recommend against it. A css solution is cleaner and faster.

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I had left in a rule in my own css that was changing the default z-index for the dialog. – Mr. Manager Nov 13 '13 at 17:17

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