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Newbie here. I am looking for an easier way in VIM to comment/uncomment (just one line commenting, which is the most frequent commenting type) for C++ codes using just one shortcut like Ctrl+/ (without going to the visual mode). Is it possible to achieve this effect by mapping without using 3rd party plug-in such as nerd? Thanks

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I achieve it with the following mappings (leader/ to comment, leader? to uncomment)

map <leader>/ :s/^\(\s*\)/\1\/\/ <CR>:noh<CR>
map <leader>? :s/^\(\s*\)\/\/\(\s*\)/\1<CR>:noh<CR>
  • ^\(\s*\) Matches from the start of a line up to the first non-whitespace character.
  • \1\/\/ replaces the captured whitespace (\1) with the same whitespace followed by //

The remaining stuff <CR>:noh<CR> turns off the search pattern highlighting, so as not to leave all leading whitespace highlighted in the buffer.

I only use them as normal mode mappings, not insert mode. In normal mode (with mapleader as , I can do things like 4,/ to comment the next 4 lines, but it isn't smart enough to comment everything in an inner {} for example.

It is not nearly as tidy as something like NERDCommenter produces. For example, it would turn this:

if (thing) {

Into this:

// if (thing) {
  // doSomething();
// }

When something like this would be preferable.

// if (thing) {
//   doSomething();
// }

I apply the mappings via autocmd in the //-comment languages I frequently use:

autocmd FileType c,cpp,php,javascript map <leader>/ :s/^\(\s*\)/\1\/\/ <CR>:noh<CR>
autocmd FileType c,cpp,php,javascript map <leader>? :s/^\(\s*\)\/\/\(\s*\)/\1<CR>:noh<CR>
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They don't use <C-/> as the key binding, but for pretty complete solutions see tcomment.vim or vim-commentary

I use the following quick'n'dirty solution which makes // comment out a line depending on filetype, but it has several flaws (e.g. not being repeatable with .):

  " make // comment out a line
  au FileType *                            nmap <buffer> // 0i# <Esc>
  au FileType vim                          nmap <buffer> // I" <Esc>
  au FileType sh,zsh,csh,tcsh,make         nmap <buffer> // I# <Esc>
  au FileType html,xhtml,xml,xslt,dtd,xsd  nmap <buffer> // I<!-- <Esc>A --><Esc>
  au FileType sql,haskell                  nmap <buffer> // I-- <Esc>
  au FileType c                            nmap <buffer> // I/* <Esc>A */<Esc>
  au FileType cpp                          nmap <buffer> // I// <Esc>
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vim-commentary works like a charm – Daniel Nov 13 '13 at 19:38

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