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A maven project with some generated files:

my.package.R // generated from resources

When building, I would like to compile ClassThatGeneratesRFromResources, execute it (thus generating the R.java class) and then compile everything else together.

I can make this work with modules, a reactor, and isolating ClassThatGeneratesRFromResources in its own little module. However, I wonder why my ugly, clunky solution is not working. Here is my current POM:


The result is that the initial compiler run fails, and then the code-generation run fails too (because ClassThatGeneratesRFromResources has not been compiled). Why is my compiler plugin not being triggered? How can I fix this (other than going modular)?

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Still curious about the Right Way to Do It (tm)... but for the time being, I have solved the issue by writing it up in an ant target which is called via antrun plugin –  tucuxi Nov 13 '13 at 19:10
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