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If i run rsync inside screen, then after while i can login to server and attach detached screen. Now i want to run rsync from crontab. I added entry to crontab: 03 19 * * * root /usr/bin/screen -dmS rsyncSess uptime after crontab executes command, i run screen -ls. nothing listed. after i run command: /usr/bin/screen -dmS rsyncSess watch -n 5 uptime i can see that session when run command: screen -ls

How i can run script in screen from crontab and then attach that screen session to see output of rsync (even after rsync are finished)?

Until now i found this tread: http://askubuntu.com/a/15291

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Make sure you:

  • run screen -ls as the same user that is used by crontab to start your command
  • use a main command that doesn't end before you reattach, since that will end your session as well. If you run a short command and want the session to persist, use something like bash -c 'short_command; exec bash' (or, as pointed out in the link you mention, add defzombie ZZ to your .screenrc).
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