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I'm new to AWS product advertising API: I looked some of the API online from amazon official website, but I am not very understood. so I did small java program to test. I used wsimport [URL of WSDL]. so I have plenty of class in package com.amazon.webservices.awsecommerceservice._2011_08_01.

here is my main class:

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;
import javax.xml.ws.Holder;
import com.amazon.webservices.awsecommerceservice._2011_08_01.AWSECommerceService;
import com.amazon.webservices.awsecommerceservice._2011_08_01.AWSECommerceServicePortType;
import com.amazon.webservices.awsecommerceservice._2011_08_01.ItemSearchRequest;
import com.amazon.webservices.awsecommerceservice._2011_08_01.Items;
import com.amazon.webservices.awsecommerceservice._2011_08_01.OperationRequest;

public class AWSProductFinder {
public static void main(String[] args) {
    String search = "iphone";
    String awsAccessKeyId = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX";
    String marketplaceDomain = "www.amazonsupply.com";
    String associateTag = "XXXXXXXXXXXX";
    String xmlEscaping = "Single";
    String validate = "False";
    ItemSearchRequest shared = new ItemSearchRequest();
    List<ItemSearchRequest> request = new ArrayList<ItemSearchRequest>();
    Holder<OperationRequest> operationRequest = new Holder<OperationRequest>();
    Holder<List<Items>> items = new Holder<List<Items>>();
    AWSECommerceService awsService = new AWSECommerceService();
    AWSECommerceServicePortType awseCommerceServicePortUS = awsService
    awseCommerceServicePortUS.itemSearch(marketplaceDomain, awsAccessKeyId,
            associateTag, xmlEscaping, validate, shared, request,
            operationRequest, items);


so my questions is what the other parameters look like? Thanks for the help!

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