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When I set {{input value=sDate type='date'}} in a handlebar template in emberjs, I get the html5 datepicker when using Chrome. Unfortunately, html5 datepicker is not supported in Firefox. How do I switch over to the jqueryUI datepicker instead?

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The best way would be to create your own component and to call element.datepicker(); in your component's didInsertElement hook.

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Here is an [Ember.Component][1] implementation of Bootstrap DatePicker:

Note: You should be able to adapt the setupDatePicker function easily to use jqueryUI datepicker.


Chipmunk.DatePickerComponent = Ember.Component.extend({
  setupDatePicker: {
    var self = this;
    return this.$('.datepicker').datepicker({
      separator: "-",
      autoclose: true
    }).on("changeDate", function(event) {
      return self.set("value", self.format(;

  formattedValue: {
    var value = this.get('value');
    if (value) {
      return this.format(value);

  format: function(value) {
    return moment.utc(value).format("YYYY-MM-DD");


<div class="date datepicker" data-date-format="yyyy-mm-dd">
  <input class="form-control" size="16" type="text" readonly {{bindAttr value="formattedValue" rel="rel"}}>
  <span class="add-on"><i class="icon-th"></i></span>


{{date-picker value=sDate}}
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