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Im trying to use regexp to get whatever's behind the # in my string "12344dfdfsss#isa", in this case I wanna get the 'isa' out of the string.

I found these answers (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/578821/how-to-remove-a-small-part-of-the-string-in-the-big-string-using-regexp) helpful, but all it returns is 'true'.

var myString = '12344dfdfsss#isa',
    newRG = new RegExp('#(.*)$'),           
    trimmed = newTrim.test(myString);

I want it to retun 'isa' and not true.

Thanks for any help // I

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Try this:

var trimmed = /#(.*)$/.exec('12344dfdfsss#isa')[1];
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AWESOME! that worked great! thank you so much! –  patad Jan 3 '10 at 19:57

You can use also use match to match a string against a regex, and then extract the first subexpression that matched using [1]:

var trimmed = '12344dfdfsss#isa'.match(/#(.*)$/)[1]
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if it's possible that the subject string could have more than one # then consider:


captures everything that follows the first # in the subject string., while


captures what follows the last.

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thanks for that! always good to be one step ahead –  patad Jan 6 '10 at 13:47

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