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There are some sites like google analytics and compete.com that provide info about a site's popularity.

Is there a free API that returns Visits, Unique Visits, Average stay per user or some similar info? Preferably something that goes on python?


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Yeah, if you have a site, you can use the Core Reporting API (they have a python example) to extract data out. This data could include Visits, Unique Visits and Average stay per user.

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Cool. Can I use this to measure info from any website or will I be able to access only my own domain ?? –  marcelosalloum Nov 13 '13 at 18:48
Just the domains you own that have Google Analytics on them. –  Blexy Nov 13 '13 at 18:49
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I've found out the Compete.com api, a really nice API that gives u a lot of info from any website that you don't own.

It works through simple URL requests and returns JASON objects. It's really cool!

They also have a python wrapper interface, available in https://github.com/maxretter/python-compete-api

The API is actually not free but their service is really good! I recommend it!

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