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I have shipments, orders and users. When I try and set up a new shipment, the Order displayField is showing up correctly as the label in my select dropdown. The User though is only showing the actual id of the user instead of the displayField.

What am I doing wrong? I'm using admin scaffolding. Is that the problem?

class Shipment extends ShipmentsAppModel {
  public $belongsTo = array('Order', 'User');

class Order extends AppModel {
  public $belongsTo = array('User');
  public $name = 'Order';
  public $displayField = 'title';
class User extends UsersAppModel {
public $displayField = 'email';
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can you please add your controller code? – Guillemo Mansilla Nov 13 '13 at 20:07

Seeing, UsersAppModel extends by User. It should AppModel according to CakePHP convention. Order is Extending AppModel and its working as u expect.

Try to use AppModel instead of UsersAppModel. The $displayField inherits from AppModel automatically, its a magic variable, defined in CakePHP core with default id field. Re-using that variable that variable in our model we just re-write that value and here AppModel is the linker.

But, here I think UsersAppModel has no relation with CakePHP core model inheritance like AppModel and that is the point of issue.

So instead of

class User extends UsersAppModel {
   public $displayField = 'email';


class User extends AppModel {
   public $displayField = 'email';
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First check your code syntax

it should be

class Shipment extends AppModel {}


class User extends AppModel{}
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