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This is probably a really basic question...

I have multiple sites with unique ips and I'm trying to sendmail from each with it's own address. I've read all the questions here about using transport maps to achieve this etc...

Sender dependent transport maps only works when I set myorigin in main.conf to certain domain. This is exactly what I want but it requires restarting postfix everytime I change myorigin.

So my question is, how can I set myorigin on the fly, i.e. when I'm actually sending mail from the command line?

I've tried using the -C option to read a different config file with the sendmail command but it never overrides the values in main.conf.

How do I tell postfix that the mail is being sent from a certain domain when I use the sendmail command?

Thanks in advance!

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The answer was simple. Just use the -f option on sendmail and set it to "".

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