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i'm looking to graph the heights of a group of people in R

B/c a height like 5-11 comes in as a string, I was wondering if there were any tips on how to convert to a number so it could be graphed.

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'require(stringr)' 'Split <- str_split(x, "-")' 'sapply(Split, function(x) x[1] + (x[2] / 11))' –  Huub Hoofs Nov 13 '13 at 22:06
@HuubHoofs Your solution seems to work if you add as.numeric in your function and /12 : sapply(Split, function(x) as.numeric(x[1]) + (as.numeric(x[2]) / 12)). Feel free to post it as an answer. –  Chargaff Nov 13 '13 at 22:25

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It also works with base R functions:

sapply(strsplit(x, "-"), function(x) {x <- as.numeric(x); x[1] + x[2] / 12})
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I am assuming your data is a factor. If this is correct you can edit all the levels to numeric values then convert the factor to a numeric vector.

levels(data$heights)  #Levels of the factor
levels(data$heights)<-c(5*12+10,5*12+11,6*12,6*12+1) #Renaming factors in numerical make sure
##the numbers are in the same order as in your levels
data$heights<-as.numeric(levels(data$heights))[data$heights]  #Changing factor GPA to numeric vector GPA

Reminder that this works if your R read your data as a factor

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Split <- str_split(x, "-")
sapply(Split, function(x) x[1] + (x[2] / 11))
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