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I am working on a project on Github. I cloned and forked the repo to my computer. I have made some changes. I then pushed these changes to my forked repo. I want to get a copy of the original repository without any changes that i have made. Basically, I want a copy of the original "clean" from anything i did.


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What does git branch -a show? –  raina77ow Nov 13 '13 at 22:32

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This will put you on a branch using the code from your initial commit:

git clone <repo>
git checkout -b initial_state <sha_of_initial_commit>

Check git log to find the sha code from your initial commit:

git log --pretty=oneline master | tail -1

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Add the repository that you forked from (often called the upstream) as a remote:

git remote add upstream git@github.com/...

Then, fetch from it and create a branch at upstream's master:

git fetch
git checkout -b original upstream/master

If there's been additional work done on the upstream since you forked it, you can use:

git log --oneline --decorate --graph upstream/master master

To see where the two branches split, and create original at the SHA where they diverge, instead.

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