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I tried following the tutorial here for NaCl or PNaCl or native client or pinnacle whatever the name of the day is and got this:

F:/nacl_sdk/pepper_31/toolchain/win_x86_newlib/bin/i686-nacl-g++ -o hello_tutori al_x86_32.nexe hello_tutorial_32.o -m32 -O0 -g -IF:/nacl_sdk/pepper_31/include - lppapi_cpp -lppapi /x86_64-nacl-ld: cannot find -lppapi_cpp collect2: ld returned 1 exit status Makefile:64: recipe for target 'hello_tutorial_x86_32.nexe' failed make: * [hello_tutorial_x86_32.nexe] Error 1

Any ideas?

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It looks like you are running the old "hello_tutorial" example with the new pepper_31 SDK. Please use this new documentation instead:


This source for this tutorial can be found in the pepper_31 SDK in the directory pepper_31\getting_started\part1.

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Following that, now when I 'make serve' or 'make' anything I get 'The procedure entry point __assert_func could not be located in the dynamic link library cygwin1.dll.' –  user2990012 Nov 14 '13 at 21:18
A quick google search shows that you are likely running an older version of cygwin. See, for example, this FAQ: puttycyg.googlecode.com/svn-history/r32/wiki/FAQ.wiki. Try updating to a newer version cygwin. –  binji Nov 14 '13 at 22:52

The new tutorial cited by binji is set up to build/run a pexe. To use nexe's as in the older example, update the tutorial's Makefile:

Add LDFLAGS for each target:

LDFLAGS_NEWLIB_ARM    := -L$(NACL_SDK_ROOT)/lib/newlib_arm/Release -lppapi_cpp -lppapi
LDFLAGS_NEWLIB_X86_32 := -L$(NACL_SDK_ROOT)/lib/newlib_x86_32/Release -lppapi_cpp -lppapi
LDFLAGS_NEWLIB_X86_64 := -L$(NACL_SDK_ROOT)/lib/newlib_x86_64/Release -lppapi_cpp -lppapi

and change the $(LDFLAGS) specified for linking the respective targets.

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