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first time posting to this site. I'm trying to write a pig latin translating program and am having difficulty in removing the first character of each word in a string and appending it to the end of the word. If anyone could give me any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. However I am trying not to change what I already have too much. As far as string functions go I am limited to using strcpy, strcmp, strlen, and strtok as I am but a stumped student in a comprehensive course.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

void main (void)
 char sentence[81]; /* holds input string */
 char *platin;   /* will point to each word */

 printf ("This program translate the words in your sentence.\n");
 printf ("Type end to finish.\n");

 do  /* for each sentence */
     printf ("\n\nType a sentence until 'stop': \n ");
     gets (sentence);

        platin = strtok (sentence, " ");
     while (platin != NULL)  /*Moves translator from word to word */

                if (strchr("aeiouAEIOU", *platin)) /*Checks for vowels */

                    printf(" %sway ", platin);

                else if (strchr("bcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxyzBCDFGHJKLMNPQRSTVWXYZ",*platin))
                    printf(" %say", platin);    

             platin = strtok(NULL, " ");

 } while (strcmp(sentence, "stop") != 0 );

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While you haven't find a space, the word isn't finish. So copy the world into a buffer, and then once you found a space, switch the letters :

char[1024] wordBuff;
int j = 0;
for (int i = 0; i < strlen(sentence); i++) {
    if (sentence[i] == ' ') {
        char tmpC = wordBuff[j-1];   //
        wordBuff[j-1] = wordBuff[0]; //  switch the letters
        wordBuff[0] = tmpC;          //
        wordBuff[j] = '\0';          //  end of word
        printf("%s\n", wordBuff);
        j = 0;
        wordBuff[j++] = sentence[i]; // fill wordBuff with word's char
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