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triggering the model.destroy() triggers a delete request to the server and server sents back success:true, I have an event listener on the view.model listening on destroy. after all this I can still see the model still exist on the view. and the collection also doesn't remove the model..

Updated ...

this happens only after updating the model and calling on delete on it again. if the model was there during loading it would be delete but the view still hold a link to the model. so the model is really not made null/destroyed

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After succesfully deleting model, remove the model from collection and DOM ( you can use Ravi's answer ). Than render your view –  Ulugbek Komilovich Nov 14 '13 at 7:11

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I think view will not get removed from DOM, when you remove the model that used to render the view. You have to add some listener to remove view when model is removed.

view.listenToOnce(view.model, 'destroy', function(){
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