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I have a database table that contains a bunch of different options and their values. The table has 3 columns which are ID, menu_option, and value. So one row may have the following information: 1, "menu_color", "#AB324B".

I want to display the value of each option on the page so the user can edit the option. Right now, i'm creating a query to get the info for each specific option. Like so

SELECT * FROM menu_theme WHERE ID='1'
SELECT * FROM menu_theme WHERE ID='2'
SELECT * FROM menu_theme WHERE ID='3'

Instead of making a new query to get the info per row, how can I make 1 query and distinguish what row I want to get the data from and display the data using php?

I'm aware of how to use php while loops with an SQL query, but I can't see how that would work with selecting specific rows.

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maybe something like this:

//select all the rows
$sqlSelect="SELECT ID,menu_option,value FROM menu_theme";


    //create the label for the input
    echo "<label for='".$menuId."'>".$opt."</label>";

    //pre-populate the input with the name,value,id
    echo "<input type='text' name='".$menuId."' id='".$menuId."' value='".$val."'/>";

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Thanks, this should actually work fine. I'll use this method. –  Josh Woelfel Nov 14 '13 at 4:05

Maybe something like this

 SELECT * FROM menu_theme WHERE ID IN ('1','2','3')
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