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I'm creating a website that will have articles, and it will support the ability for people to sign up as an affiliate (and get a subdomain) and get paid per 'View' that they send to the website (they typically post their links on facebook pages which drive the traffic to my site)

So a typical URL could be http://johnsmith.mydomain.com/post/an-interesting-article, where 'johnsmith' is an affiliates username. Now the problem I am seeking suggestions for is how to go about tracking the views on these articles per each ‘Username’. I have designed the below schema but I know it needs improvements, the site will initially get 30,000 to – 50,000 page views, so writing to a database every single time someone loads a page is completely unnecessary.

enter image description hereThe View part is definitely not set in stone, it is just an idea.

Basically I need to store which username sent how many views to a given page. One other thing also, I need to store the IP address because I won't be paying for clicks that come from certain countries.

Using: MySQL, web server will either be Apache or xgnix

How best to go about this?

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Is it a requirement to use MySQL? You might be better off using a NoSQL datastore like CouchDB for this. You can still keep the rest of your application in MySQL, just this particular part may be better suited to be stored somewhere else. –  Sajan Parikh Nov 14 '13 at 3:48
No requirements at all, its just me creating this project. –  Mark Gladstone Nov 14 '13 at 3:58

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You could take a look at high-performance NoSQL database solutions for this problem. Redis, for example, is a in-memory key-value store with very high performance. You can adjust persisting the records to the disk according to you needs.

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In order to make your work easier and faster, try a CMS platform like Drupal,Joomla or Wordpress. These platforms have several thousands of plugins that makes your work cleaner.

As a php developer, you can always customize the plugins to suit your needs.

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Use Google analytic s codes. Assign a new UA- Code / Custom variables from Google for each new sub-domain . Then you can track according to each page type . Read more about Google analytics .

Read here about Google Analytics

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