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Hi guys I am currently using the mailboxer gem and am wanting to customize the views for these renders

%h2 Inbox
%ul= render mailbox.inbox
%h2 Sentbox
%ul= render mailbox.sentbox
%h2 Trash
%ul= render mailbox.trash

I would like to add a from and a link in the title of the email but dont know where the view is to edit it or where to generate it. Thanks.

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Check your server logs. They should be placed in app/views/message_mailer/new_message_email.html.erb, etc

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This is only for templates being emailed to the user. – hellomello Mar 6 '14 at 4:10

You can check this tutorial for custom views.


def index
  @inbox ||= current_user.mailbox.inbox


<% @inbox.each do |conversation| %>
  <%= conversation.originator.username%>
  <%= link_to  raw(truncate(strip_tags(conversation.subject), :length => 15)), conversation_path(conversation) %> 
  <%= link_to "", {:controller => "conversations", :action => "trash", :id =>}, :title=> "Move to Trash", :method=>'post', data: { confirm: '¿Estas seguro?' }, :class=> "btn btn btn-danger icon-remove" %>
  <%= conversation.updated_at%>
<% end %>

then create a show.html.erb to see the full message.

Here is another sample app

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