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I've got this small script to toggle happy face when focusing in the form:

/*  Happy face script */
$('#search').on('focusin', function() {
$('#search').on('focusout', function() {

However when I click 'submit' it goes back to the focusout state. How do I avoid it?

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Remove the focusoutevent and use toggleClass() like,

$('#search').on('focusin', function() {
   $("#smile").toggleClass("fa-meh-o fa-smile-o");

   // your code then you can remove the classes again if not then remove below code
   $("#smile").toggleClass("fa-meh-o fa-smile-o");

Updated you can use focusin and focusout with same toggleClass like,

$('#search').on('focusin focusout', function() {
   $("#smile").toggleClass("fa-meh-o fa-smile-o");
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Yes, but when I focusout it won't change the class to fa-meh-o. I have to focus again to do that with this code. –  Deka87 Nov 14 '13 at 6:01
@YevgenySimzikov see my updated answer –  Rohan Kumar Nov 14 '13 at 6:07

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