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Since OSX Mavericks supports file tags. Is there any API to access these programmatically? How can I get a list of all system tags? And manipulate them?

I tried already:

  • NSFileManager class
  • File System Programming Guide
  • File Metadata Search Programming Guide

yet none of those mention the existance of tags.

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Don't know whether this is what you are looking for:

see this thread for adding tags programmatically OSX Mavericks add tags programmatically

also if you look at the NSURL reources page http://goo.gl/fwHMWk it says about getting names of tags attached to the resource, returned as an array of NSString values using the NSURLTagNamesKey.

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Thanks! Although your answer is OK dealing with single resources, I am trying to find the way to access the tags without individual files. I want all filesystem tags and being able to perform actions like system wide renaming. I have an script that searches the whole filesystem, extract tags for each file, and reduce it removing duplicates. That is far too much work and I thought there is some more effective way –  SystematicFrank Nov 14 '13 at 6:44
defaults read com.apple.Finder FavoriteTagNames  

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Just like the command reads, those are just the "Favorite Tags" –  SystematicFrank Nov 14 '13 at 12:03

You can find all system tags in this path: ~/Library/SyncedPreferences/com.apple.finder.plist

But the default the plist file doesn't exist. You can make it appear by adding a new tag. By the way, do you find other way to get all system tags?

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