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I am developing a Firefox extension.
And I have injected some js into web page in extension. These js will execute and transfer data to extension.

For example, I inject

function example(srcElement, action) {
   var event = document.createEvent('Events'); 
   event.initEvent('example', true, true);
   var o = {};
   o.actionName = action;
   srcElement.setUserData('exampleData', o, null);

Meanwhile I add a listener of extension side to the document.
Then if function example executes, extension listener will be called and get data and the srcElement.

Question is : Now setUserData is deprecated and there is no method to transfer data and element.
The replacement of setUserData is


This API can only transfer string.

Then I tried


This API can transfer array and object but not element.

So how can I transfer element and data both?

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You could use a CustomEvent, which can carry custom data in the .detail member.

E.g. in the extension you'd:

someWindowOrElement.addEventListener("custom-event-id", function(e) {
  console.log("got event for ", e.originalTarget, "with data", e.detail);

And in a website:

var event = new CustomEvent("custom-event-id", {
  "bubbles": true,
  "detail": {
    "some": "data",
    "number": 1

Or (to be backwards compatible with FX < 11)

var event = document.createEvent(
  true, // bubbles
  false, // cancelable
    "some": "data",
    "number": 1
  } // detail

For example, PDF.js uses this to communicate between the unprivileged viewer (website) and privileged extension part.

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