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I am using set terminal epslatex color to generate .tex file but when I used it to generate final .div file than xlabel,ylabel, xtics,ytics etc. are not coming in output. My code is

set term epslatex color
set out "gnu1.tex"
set title "pip-latency-comparison"
set xlabel "Number of Hops"
set ylabel "Latency (sec)"
set xrange [1:6]
set yrange [0:450]
set key at 5.5,350
set termoption dashed
unset log
set xtic auto
set ytic auto
set style line 1 lt 2 lw 3 lc 7 pt 1
set style line 2  lw 3 lc 8 pt 2
set style line 3  lw 3 lc 5 pt 3
set style line 4  lw 3 lc 6 pt 5
plot "gnu1.dat" u 1:2 t "PIP" ls 1 w linespoints,\
"gnu1.dat"   u 1:3 t "Flush" ls 2  w linespoints,\
"gnu1.dat"  u 1:4 t "PSFQ"  ls 3 w linespoints,\
"gnu1.dat" u 1:5 t "Fetch" ls 4 w linespoints
set output

and in my Latex file

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For me your example works fine (gnuplot 4.6.4). But you must look at the Postscript file, the DVI output cannot be displayed correctly (at least xdvi can't). BTW: If you compile the plot separately you can use the standalone terminal option. – Christoph Nov 14 '13 at 9:00
@Christoph, I didn't get it. My version is 4.4, so how can i produce proper output without changing the version ? – pcoder Nov 14 '13 at 9:27
@Chritoph, OK got it. The Postscript file is giving the correct output. So now first I am converting it to .ps using 'dvips -o file.dvi' and then finally to pdf using ps2pdf. – pcoder Nov 14 '13 at 9:33

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