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I would like to write a script that logs into hotmail and changes the first and last name. I am thinking of perl for this, although I imagine that any language would do.

How do I find out what requests to make? I'm guessing that I can do the change requests manually, determine what http requests are being sent to/from the server, determine what pattern is being sent, and then attempt to generate a similar pattern (substituting in the changes I want) in my script.

I took a look at ethereal, but I get a message "the installer is corrupted". I'm going to look at "Advanced http packet sniffer" next - anyone have experience with this tool?

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Yes you can use Perl (or any languages with modules that support HTTP(S) ). And you can use libraries already made by people. Eg WWW::Hotmail or Hotwayd. Search CPAN for more of those modules as well.

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Thanks, now how do I track the requests that are being made from my browser to the server each time I e.g. submit a change by hitting a "save" button? I know this is probably elementary but I have to start somewhere :) –  Larry Watanabe Jan 4 '10 at 3:14

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