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I am not experienced in developing web apps with NetBeans.

I created an HTML5 project with existing sources (some HTML, JS and CSS files), the import seems to be OK, but I didn't manage to debug JavaScript code, because the "Debug project", "Debug file" and "Debug test file" menu items are always disabled.

What have I missed?

PS.: I downloaded a fresh version in November 2013.

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HTML5 project is always debugging and running at the same time if you run it in any browser with NetBeans connector (check the browser switcher in toolbar). So once you run project/file, if some breakpoint should be hit, it will be. Therefore debug action is not enabled for HTML5 project, because it is the same as Run action.

Basically it means you can debug JS in Chrome with NetBeans Connector, Embedded browser in IDE, Chrome on Android, Safari on iOS...

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Never used the JavaScript debugger myself but you find here a tutorial if it has to be the Netbeans debugger. As an alternative I can recommend the JavaScript debugger from Firebug.

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You should always paste the important parts of a linked tutorial instead of simply linking it. Think about the future (e.g. deleted articles, 404 codes, etc.). ;) – Sk8erPeter Dec 28 '13 at 0:49

Use the Chrome debugger once the page is loaded in the browser.

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