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looking for a good code review tool that plugs in nicely to Visual Studio. Would be nice if it could diff from different source control providers, like Source Safe, The Vault, and/or Subversion.

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I have used code collaborator in the past. It is not integrated with Visual Studio but I would not let that stop you.

All our Windows developers had no problem using it and since the reviews is done online, you are not using the IDE during the review.

Hope this helps.

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Also Code Collaborator supports all three version control systems you mentioned. – Jason Cohen Jan 31 '09 at 15:06
And it now has a VS plugin. – pjz Jun 20 '12 at 17:45

I have tried many of the available code review tools, including any that have ties into Visual Studio and/or TFS. Code Collaborator is far-and-away the best one out there. It's not perfect, but there are really no alternatives that I've found that come close.

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You might find NDepend code diff capabilities useful for doing Code Review inside VS. Disclaimer: I am one of the developers of the tool

Basically NDepend can analyze a code base and create and then persist a snapshot of the code. Two such snapshots, taken at two different times, can be compared. Then, NDepend lets write code query over LINQ (CQLinq) to ask for new methods/classes, removed methods/classes, methods/classes where code was changed... as easily as writing:

from m in Application.Methods where m.CodeWasChanged() select m

You can then refine your code query and ask for certain properties, like if the method's name contains the word Extract and have more than 30 lines of code:

from m in Application.Methods 
where m.CodeWasChanged() && m.NameLike("Extract") && m.NbLinesOfCode > 30
select m

NDepend is integrated into VS. Also, any text diff tool can be plugged to NDepend. The user can then compare the 2 versions of the changed method or class.

Another cool capability, is to plug RedGate Reflector to NDepend, decompile the 2 versions of the method/class and compare these 2 versions with a text diff tool. This way you are doing code diff only on a single method or class, without being disturbed by comment or code formatting.

Also, to avoid write the query yourself, the panel Search by Changes generates such code query on diff for you:

NDepend Search by Changes Panel

Hope this original approach can help.

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some checklist should be maintained which could be used for code review.Its use for C# and projects.

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I want a tool like Review Board that gives me ways of critiquing code, but want it to plugin to VS and get the diffs from source control. – CSharpAtl Oct 14 '08 at 1:59

One way I am aware of, which only works if you use TFS, is to shelve your pending changes, send the name of your shelveset to your peers and ask for a code review... unfortunately, in addition to it's very minimalistic functionality, it is awkward to use.

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If you were looking for only TFS support I would recommend my own: TeamReview.

However, checkout the new project Malevich, a spin off of Google's Mondrian to see if it supports your multiple source control systems.

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