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Imagine a ViewController with 2 UITextFields. When you tap on TextField1, it appears a Popover.

Now, if I tap out of the popover, it disappears (OK). However, I want this behaviour:

  • If I click outside of the popover, and this tap is on TextField2, I want to dismiss the popover (OK), AND throw an event (for example, open other popover from TextField2).

I've tried this solution: Iphone SDK dismissing Modal ViewControllers on ipad by clicking outside of it

But handleTapBehind method doesn't execute if popover is visible.

Is it possible?


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you should implement UIPopoverControllerDelegate

and use


see More for details

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I've already implemented. But with these methods I only receive by parameter the UIPopoverController reference. I need the bounds of the tap to know If user has tapped on another view (for example, a Textfield, button, etc.) –  Josue Nov 14 '13 at 9:51

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