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We want to auto refresh a page that is built using GWT 2. We used a lot of solutions to do it:

GWT auto refresh

automatic refresh of GWT screen

But neither of them worked properly. The problem is a bit complicated:

The auto refresh works in the home page/tab called "Kazalar":

But if the user is in another tab then after auto refresh the browser jumps to home page/tab:

In the above question's answer, the answerer says that we should replace the reloadAll() function with code that recreates that part's view (with some Ajax calls to re-fetch data from server if needed). We couldn't test this part because we don't know how to write the code that recreates a specific part's view. Could someone please give an example on how to do it?

public class TimerExample implements EntryPoint, ClickListener {

  public void onModuleLoad() {
    Button b = new Button("Click and wait 5 minutes");


  public void onClick(Widget sender) {
    Timer t = new Timer
      public void run() {

    // Schedule the timer to run once in 5 minutes.

  private void reloadAll() {
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When the "Kazalar" place is revealed you start this timer, when is called, you call the same method you used to fill the data on the first time you loaded that tab. – André Nov 14 '13 at 10:24
I would suggest not to make a Location.reload(). Just reload your displayed data in your timer. – Christian Kuetbach Nov 14 '13 at 12:42

Using a timer is fine.

Assuming you know about GWT activities and places. The harsh way would be to reload the full module using


You already mentionned it; but a really nicer way (assuming you are implemeting the MVP pattern) would be to create a refresh method on the presenter of the Kalazar view. This way you won't need to reload the page.

  private void reloadAll() {

  private void myKalazarPresenter() {

Since you say you can't reInit the view, maybe you could just try to delete and recreate it ?

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