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I am using backbone.marionette (1.0.0) and node.js (0.10.22). Wondering why backbone add extra parameter when I try to save model data with node.js REST call.


 Backbone.Model.extend ({
     urlRoot: function (){
         return '/path/' + myApp.companyId;
    defaults: {
       companyId: '',
       // other attributes
    // doesn't use 'id' in model instead companyId
    idAttribute: 'companyId'


Before view is loaded, I would request model data with myApp.request ('entities:myModel') which issued model.fetch () and node.js backend would fire GET /path/1 route. No issue.

However, when an update button is clicked on the view, this.model.save () would fired PUT /path/1/1. It should be PUT /path/1, with only a single '1' in url path.


clicked: function () {
   var formData = Backbone.syphon.serialize (this);
   this.model.set (formData);
   var promise =  this.model.save ();
   promise.done ().fail ()

How can I stop backbone.sync from appending extra parameter to url path? Thanks for taking time out to read this, and I appreciate your help.

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You're setting urlRoot incorrectly on the model. It should be

Backbone.Model.extend ({
  urlRoot: "path",
  // etc

Backbone willa dd the ids on it's own.

If you want to specify the ids in your function, use the url function.

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