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I'm having a peculiar problem. I am developing a hotel app with mvc4 and I am taking the help of Kendo grid for grid displays. In one of the grid, I have 2 DateTime columns both corresponding to the same DB column. One displays only date and the other displays date along with time. And since its a kendo grid, I am allowed for a inline filter and all is fine until here. But after this step, I am giving the user the option to download the grid values to an excel sheet. The date cloumn, (which displays only date) is showing only date in grid, but shows both date and time (with 12:00 AM) in the excel sheet which is not what I want. I want only date in that column. I tried,

extract the date part from DateTime in C#

this link says, to use .Date and that is what I have used to retrieve only date (to display in grid), and I understand i can use .ToShortDateString() to format only date, but if I do this the calender does not appear in the date column in grid for filtering since date is converted as string.

I want only date in grid + want a inline filter option + display only date in the excel sheet?

Do someone have any idea?..

Thanks in advance..

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