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Hi there I have json that looks like this:

    "Id": " 357342524563456678",
    "title": "Person",
    "language": "eng",
    "questionAnswer": [
            "4534538254745646.1": {
                "firstName": "Janet",
                "questionNumber": "1.1"

Now I have written some code that loops over the objects in the questionAnswer array and then gets the name of the object which is 4534538254745646.1. Now Im trying to save the key of each Item and the value aswell but I am only managing to get the value.

How would I do this, here is my code:

JToken entireJson = JToken.Parse(json);
JArray inner = entireJson["questionAnswer"].Value<JArray>();

foreach(var item in inner)
     JProperty questionAnswerDetails = item.First.Value<JProperty>();
     //This line gets the name, which is fine
     var questionAnswerSchemaReference = questionAnswerDetails.Name;
     var properties = questionAnswerDetails.Value.First;

     //This only gets Janet
     var key = properties.First;
     var value = properties.Last;                                      

So at the moment Im only able to get Janet, But I also want the firstname field. I want to then take this and add to a dictionary i.e.

Dictionary<string, string> details = new Dictionary<string, string>();
foreach(var item in questionAnswerObjects)
details.Add(firstName, Janet);
//And then any other things found below this
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So Here is he complete code that gets the keys and values for each item in the object in the array:

string key = null;
string value = null;

foreach(var item in inner)
    JProperty questionAnswerDetails = item.First.Value<JProperty>();

    var questionAnswerSchemaReference = questionAnswerDetails.Name;

    var propertyList = (JObject)item[questionAnswerSchemaReference];

    questionDetails = new Dictionary<string, object>();

    foreach (var property in propertyList)
         key = property.Key;
         value = property.Value.ToString();

    questionDetails.Add(key, value);               

I can now add key and value to the dictionary

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