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I need some help writing a couple of complex regular expression that are way over my head.

The first Regex, I want to exclude everything except:

  • The letters A to Z in both upper and lowercase
  • Single spaces
  • Single Dashes (-)

For the second, I want the same as above but also allow:

  • The numbers 0 to 9
  • Apostrophes (')
  • Question Marks (?)
  • Exclamation Marks (!)
  • Colons & Semi-Colons (: & ;)
  • Periods/Fullstops & commas (. & ,)

As a side note, are there any online generators that i can type a list of allowed characters into that will generate one for me?

Many thanks.

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To satisfy the "single" requirement, you'll need a lookeahead, along the lines of:

r1 = r"""(?xi)

\x20(?!\x20) reads "a space, if not followed by another space".

For the second re, just add extra chars to the first group: [a-z0-9&+ etc].

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