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My friend works at a small hosting company and needs help with getting more specific Google Analytics results.

When the hosting company disables non-payed hosting account visitor sees that page with a link with an explanation and visits it. Visits are visible in GA but how to ignore them?

How to setup to exclude visits and page views from a referral of disabled hosting account.

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I think you would need to do this at a code level, or at least that is one of the ways you could do it. For example, in PHP if you get the referral page ($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) then you can just put an if statement around the _trackPageview to prevent it from firing. –  crmpicco Nov 14 '13 at 12:28

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There is a configuration option in Google Analytics to ignore referrers.

If you're using the older ga.js library see the _addIgnoredRef() method.

If you're using the new analytics.js library then it is configured in the Web Interface in the Admin section. See Referral exclusions.

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