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currently i'm working on my master informatik thesis. the core of my master thesis should be a fraud detection system, based on big data. the data base should consist of some different logfiles like firewall / vpn / access logs from different servers / systems, like exchange or workspace.

But the problem is, that this logfiles are containing personal data like ip address oder username. The only possibility to get these files from our it department, is to write a unix script to anonymous these logfiles.

actual i'm looking for a possibility to read in a logfile, search for ip addresses or other fields via regular expressions and modify them using sha1 + salt, and save these changes in a separate file.

so far i got a script, that notice all *.log files in a folder and reads in these files line by line.

for file in ./*.log ; do 
    for line in $(cat $file) ; do 
        echo $line >> file2 

Does somebody got an nice idea how to easily got this work done? Thank you


edit: using sed seems to be a helpful tool

for file in ./*.log2 ; do 
    echo "Diese Logfile: $fname wird nun verarbeitet"
    fdir=$(dirname "$file")

    for line in $(cat $file) ; do
        cat $line | sed -r 's/(\b[0-9]{1,3}\.){3}[0-9]{1,3}\b'/333.333.333.333/g > $file"2"

this changes every ip address to 333.333.333.333, but i want to recalculate the found ip with sha1 + salt to a new address.

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