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I have setup FTP in IIS 8.0 on an Azure windows server 2012 virtual machine.

After followed the instructions in this post (http://itq.nl/walkthrough-hosting-ftp-on-iis-7-5-a-windows-azure-vm-2/) I've been able to make FTP work fine in passive mode, but it fails when trying to connect in active mode from FileZilla. FTP client can connect to the server in active mode but fails with timeout error message when trying to execute LIST command.

I carefully revised 20 and 21 endpoints are set in azure vm without pointing to a probe port and that windows firewall allows external connections to 20 and 21 VM ports.

I can't figure out why active mode doesn't work while passive mode works fine.

I know there are other users with some issue.

Please is there someone who had succed setting active ftp in azure VM?.


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When using active ftp, the client initiates the connection to port 21 on the FTP server. This is the command or control channel and this connection usually succeeds. However, the FTP server then attempts to open port 20 on the client. This is the data channel. This channel is used for all data transfers, including directory listings.

So, in your case, active FTP isn't working because the server can't initiate a connection to the client. This is either a problem on the server (outbound firewall rule) or on the client itself. This is usually a good thing because you don't want internet-based servers to be able to open connections on client machines.

In passive mode there is a clear client/server distinction where the client initiates connections to the server. Passive mode is recommended so if you got that working I'd stick with that.

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