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I am working on custom callout bubble, and i successfully created custom bubble, but issue is that there are no of buttons inside the bubble, which are not getting touch.

see attached screenshot.

Please help me

Thanks in advanceenter image description here

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Refer this stackoverflow.com/a/14132885/1160493 –  wesley Nov 14 '13 at 14:22
I had already tried this link, can you please suggest me another solution? –  Dhiraj Umale Nov 15 '13 at 7:15

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Try like this. In your custom MKAnnotation class, add this method.

- (void)touchesBegan:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event {
    UITouch *touch = [touches anyObject];

    CGPoint touchPoint = [touch locationInView:self.calloutView];

    CGPoint visitedButtonPosition = [touch locationInView:_visitedButton];
    BOOL isPointInsideVisitedButton = [_visitedButton pointInside:visitedButtonPosition withEvent:nil];
    [self.tapDelegate yourVisitedAction];

Using custom delegate, initiate the action in your view controller class.

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