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If I have company developer account, how many windows phone devices can I use for windows phone development?

I've read somewhere, that you can only use three unlocked devices per account. But how about a company, which has for example 50 developers working on several different apps?

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3. But you can send a support ticket to Microsoft asking to increase that limit. They also may increase the limit of apps that can be sideloaded to a phone, that is 10 by default. –  anderZubi Nov 14 '13 at 16:54

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When you are loged on the developper center ( you click on "dashboard" (on the top) > "account" (on the left) > "phones".

I've a company account and this sentence appear :

Maximum number of phones you can register: 3

You can use Windows phone emulators for all developer, and test your application with just three Windows-phone...

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Ask Microsoft support to increase your limit and describe your use case. It helped in our case.

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