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I have a question about python mechanize's proxy support. I'm making some web client script, and I would like to insert proxy support function into my script.

For example, if I have:

params = urllib.urlencode({'id':id, 'passwd':pw})
rq = mechanize.Request('', params) 
rs = mechanize.urlopen(rq)

How can I add proxy support into my mechanize script? Whenever I open this website, i would like it to go through the proxy.

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You use mechanize.Request.set_proxy(host, type) (at least as of 0.1.11)

assuming an http proxy running at localhost:8888

req = mechanize.Request("")

Should work.

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I'm not sure whether that help or not but you can set proxy settings on mechanize proxy browser.

br = Browser()
# Explicitly configure proxies (Browser will attempt to set good defaults).
# Note the userinfo ("joe:password@") and port number (":3128") are optional.
br.set_proxies({"http": "",
                "ftp": "",
# Add HTTP Basic/Digest auth username and password for HTTP proxy access.
# (equivalent to using "joe:password@..." form above)
br.add_proxy_password("joe", "password")
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Hi, thanks for your reply, but that is mechanize.browser module, that is some different what i look for method, im looking for mechanize .urlopen method thanks –  paul Jan 4 '10 at 7:40

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