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Is there a simple way I can add a "WikiField" to a model I have in my application?

I think the most important requirements are:

  • A text field that can be added to any model.
  • simple wiki markup or editor widget that enables text formatting and easy insertion of links and images.
  • saves revision history with author information, and easily allows reverting back to any previous version.

Just to explain what I'm trying to do: Imagine you have a bookstore app. Most of the Book model's data come from the store's catalog. Now we would like to add a block of text that is a community wiki, so that users can write the plot summary for example.

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And I really tried to search for this, but searching for combinations of "djago" "model" "field" and "wiki" is just too generic... –  Ofri Raviv Jan 4 '10 at 6:55

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How about a combination of django-reversion and django-tinymce, or Markdown if you prefer writing markdown?

I've not come across any field types specifically for Wikis, but with those components writing one really shouldn't take too long.

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Thanks. django-reversion looks cool. I'll look into it. –  Ofri Raviv Jan 4 '10 at 15:58

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