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I created a feature branch from my main (default) branch. (i.e. hg branch feature/name).

I did a few commits there. Now I want to push this branch and create a pull-request. But, before doing this, I'd like to make my feature branch up-to-date.

So, I started with hg pull command, and it downloaded a couple of changesets. Then I proceeded with hg update, but Mercurial said that nothing was updated (0 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved).

So, it looks like new changesets were applied only to default branch, but not to my feature branch.

How should I apply those changesets to my feature branch?

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You next merge default into your feature branch with:

hg merge default

That merges the most "recent" head" with the branch label "default" into your currently checked out branch. You'll need to do a hg commit afterward if the merge creates a new changeset (which it will unless there are no new changes in default since last you merged it in.

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