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How to determine (cross-browser) if anything is selected (in the current text field)? I need only a true or false. I've found jQuery.selection but it's overloaded for my usage.

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window.getSelection().toString() should work for you - supported by all browsers and IE7+

EDIT: I'm surprised this doesn't work for input elements. However there are selectionStart and selectionEnd properties mentioned at so you can use them instead.

console.log(!!(el.selectionStart - el.selectionEnd));
// where el = your input element, like el = $('input')[0]

One minor glitch though, I found that these values do not change if you blur the input after selecting text, so I'll make use of querySelector to find if the input element has focus or not:

document.querySelector('#input:focus') //returns first matched element or null
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does not work with IE9 and FF25 – Thomas Zuberbühler Nov 14 '13 at 14:12
@ThomasZuberbühler yeah indeed it doesn't work for input or textarea. – Pranav Gupta Nov 14 '13 at 16:20

Easiest and most reliable (I guess) is to take code from jQuery.selection plugin. You will need only this function:

    var _getCaretInfo = function(element){
    var res = {
        text: '',
        start: 0,
        end: 0

    if (!element.value) {
        /* 値がない、もしくは空文字列 */
        return res;

    try {
        if (win.getSelection) {
            /* IE 以外 */
            res.start = element.selectionStart;
            res.end = element.selectionEnd;
            res.text = element.value.slice(res.start, res.end);
        } else if (doc.selection) {
            /* for IE */

            var range = doc.selection.createRange(),
                range2 = doc.body.createTextRange(),

            res.text = range.text;

            try {
                range2.setEndPoint('StartToStart', range);
            } catch (e) {
                range2 = element.createTextRange();
                range2.setEndPoint('StartToStart', range);

            res.start = element.value.length - range2.text.length;
            res.end = res.start + range.text.length;
    } catch (e) {
        /* あきらめる */

    return res;

If IE8< support not required - if (doc.selection) { section could be removed.

To get Boolean from this function, just replace return res; with return !!res.text;

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