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I've customized the CSS transitions on the Media Grid plugin and they're working everywhere except IE8. That's fine. I can live without the transitions but I still need the div containing the individuals name and title to appear. Right now they don't show up at all. I've tried everything I can think of but I can't find the answer. Could someone point me in the right direction?

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Please post code – SaturnsEye Nov 14 '13 at 14:28
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For IE8 I'm afraid you will have to make a separate stylesheet and start from your class .overlays than dig deeper into those divs, you will have to change positioning, height and width. There are a few elements without dimensions and IE8 does not like that. Let me know how it goes, and oh yeah good luck! :)

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I haven't had the chance to work on it much but doing some inital work in IE8 dev tools looks good. Thanks! – Carolyn Greenough Velez Nov 17 '13 at 6:52

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